Rosy Crest Holding Group

Our objective is to achieve the highest satisfaction of our clients, with an offer of top quality products, totally adapted to their requirements.


To achieve this, our company has highly qualified staff and has incorporated the highest technology in every production stage. This has enabled us to expand and reach all our markets.


Company quality policy is based on the following pillars:


· Selection at origin of the best cattle.

· Use the latest technologies in our production.

· Apply the highest health controls in every process.

· Maximize the hygiene and sanitation control.

· Guarantee total traceability.

· To offer each client a very personal service.


Certified withISO 9001 and ISO 14001 at both locations and we are approved to export to Russia.


Beef cuts

With the cutting done in our facilities Montellos and Madrid, are held mutton cuts, veal and beef we pack vacuum in both fresh and frozen and then distributed to a wide range of clients, both import-export, manufacturers cooked products, sausage and processed meat catering companies ..


Cutting plant and veal with a capacity of 50 tons / day.

Chamber of meat products for the production of snacks and burgers.

Cleanroom for portioning and modified atmosphere packaging.

Skin threaded.

Store fresh and frozen refrigerator with a capacity of 20,000 m