Rosy Crest Holding Group

We can provide some products like:



With diferent flavour and taste, gluten FREE, dairy Free and MSG free, as well as being Vegan, Vegetarian, Halal and Kosher certified.


Fruit Chips.

Low in fat and calories, gluten free and vegan, no added sugar, no additives, no preservatives, Kosher and Halar certified.



Using fresh noble cuts of calves raised in the Spanish Pyrenees. Not hormonal, non-medicated, pasturing.

Balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP based on grapes from the region of La Rioja.

Original spices from South Africa. Personalized mix based on family recipe.


Leaves of Parmigiano Reggiano,

Golden in the oven and seasoned with olive oil,

Without added preservatives



From a young company dedicated to the manufacture of natural products from the Ocean. All the products have the eco-certificate.


Vacuum packed product, closed byTwist-off cap and pasteurized.