Virgen Extra Olive Oil

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Virgen Extra Olive Oil


We are proud to be exclusive distributors of all products of the Spanish company "9 Olivos", based in Jaen, the best area of production of Spanish olive oil.


Within this context, 9OLIVOS works to bring you the quality and unique flavors of the olive groves. Therefore, our oil is obtained from a selection of the fruit at it optimal ripeness, from which we obtained a rich, natural, high quality oil, with many properties


Organic olive growing aims to produce olive oil with no chemicals that degrade the environment, using their natural surroundings as the only means of sustenance.


We use no artificial fertilizers, so the only fertilizer we use is a mixture of COMPO with crushed pruning waste. In this way, we ensure that the earth and the environment are well fertilized


Single variety Picual green olive extra virgin olive oil.


Acidity : 0.2